Jite’s Start Ups

These projects and brands have achieved significant success in promoting sustainability, ethical practices, and supporting local talent in the fashion industry. Together, they have also contributed positively to the fashion industry and society as a whole by creating a more inclusive, sustainable, and supportive environment for fashion designers and consumers.

Tobams Logic Academy

Tobams Logic Academy, is a BCS-accredited learning hub that guarantees quality in both education and professional development.

Laughing Women Academy

Our Academy specializes in providing training, coaching, and mentoring to cultivate leaders and equip them with a diverse set of life skills.

Rare Eat

Rare Eat envisions a world where healthy and flavorful West African cuisine is accessible and celebrated globally.

Tobams Logic

Our consulting firm provides a range of services including sustainability consulting, business consulting, digital transformation, training etc

Tobams Colors

By merging traditional African prints with high-end clothing, we offer a range of everyday, stylish, and affordable clothings in rich and vibrant colors

Hotels Fashion

Hotels Fashion is a unique multi-brand pop-up concept founded in 2019 with the vision of creating a space that merges independent designers and hotels.

The Collxx

A global platform dedicated to sustainability and social entrepreneurship, promoting local designers worldwide

Laughing Women

LWM is rooted in Genesis 21:6, where Sarah exclaimed, “God has brought me laughter, and everyone who hears about this will laugh with me”.

The Solice

At The Solice, we are committed to ethical practices and ensuring that our jewelry is made in fair working conditions.

Tobams Group

Tobams Group is a leading digital consultancy driving growth, innovation, and success through tech-powered transformations

Rare Eat Fresh

Experience West Africa’s authentic flavors at Rare Eat Fresh, delivering local market-fresh ingredients worldwide.

Collxx Pure Beauty

Collxx pure beauty produces world-class, effective, and non-toxic products that nourish the skin and hair, restoring them to their natural balance. 

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Start Ups


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