Path to Excellence

By Jite Newton

This book is your guide to a profound transformation, rooted in faith and illuminated by the Holy Spirit. Embark on the journey to excellence, hand in hand with the Holy Spirit, and let it reshape your life in ways you’ve never imagined. Your path to excellence begins here.

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Summary of the Book “Path to Excellence”

Path to Excellence in 90 Days” is your companion on a spiritual journey that spans three transformative months. Each day, this book will provide you with inspiration, guidance, and activities to help you deepen your faith, set clear goals, and cultivate excellence in various aspects of your life. From finding clarity in God’s purpose to developing unwavering determination and resilience, this journey is about nurturing a stronger connection with the Holy Spirit. You’ll learn to navigate life’s challenges, embrace your uniqueness, and renew your zest for life. It’s a path to joy, faith, and boundless possibilities, guided by the Holy Spirit. This book is your guide to a profound transformation, rooted in faith and illuminated by the Holy Spirit. Embark on the journey to excellence, hand in hand with the Holy Spirit, and let it reshape your life in ways you’ve never imagined. Your path to excellence begins here.

Our Intention With The Proceeds Gained From The Sales of Path to Excellence

At Laughing Women, our commitment to positive change goes beyond the pages of our book, ‘Path to Excellence.’ We are deeply dedicated to supporting a specific project that is focused on empowering women and children who are in need of education, healthcare, and personal development opportunities.

The proceeds from book sales directly contribute to the success of this project, which aims to uplift lives, create educational pathways, and offer vital healthcare support. When you choose to purchase ‘Path to Excellence,’ you’re not just acquiring a source of personal growth and inspiration; you’re also becoming an active participant in our mission to make a tangible difference in the lives of those who need it most.

Join us in this journey and help us create a brighter future for countless women and children. Your contribution matters, and together, we can truly impact lives.

Our aim and mission are clear: to provide women with opportunities to find laughter in God and with one another. Together, we grow deeper in our faith, fostering a spirit of unity, and we serve God with the joyous sound of our laughter.

Current State of Home Of Joy Orphanage

Introducing the Author: Dr. Jite Newton - Guiding the Journey of Transformation

In the captivating realm of spiritual awakening and excellence, we are honored to introduce Dr. Jite Newton, the visionary leader who has illuminated the path towards spiritual growth through “Path to Excellence in 90 Days.” Driven by an unwavering connection with the Holy Spirit and deeply rooted in faith, Dr. Newton stands as a beacon of inspiration.

Founder of Laughing Women Ministries

Dr. Jite Newton is the esteemed founder of Laughing Women Ministries, a global movement with a profound mission – to empower individuals worldwide. With a presence spanning across 13 countries, her ministry embodies the essence of faith-driven change, radiating hope and transformation to countless believers.

Championing Change

Dr. Newton firmly believes that the time for change has come, and her vision beckons believers across the globe to embark on an extraordinary expedition of self-discovery and spiritual elevation. Under her divine leadership, Laughing Women Ministries serves as a conduit for this transformational journey. With unwavering faith as the guiding compass, believers find themselves at the cusp of a remarkable odyssey.

Championing The Journey of "Path to Excellence in 90 Days"

“Path to Excellence in 90 Days” is more than just a book; it is a profound opportunity for readers to embark on a 90-day voyage of spiritual growth. Dr. Newton’s inspiration comes from her own spiritual journey, culminating in a daily guide that illuminates the path to a deeper connection with the Divine. It transcends the ordinary, offering readers a transformative experience that guides them towards a profound understanding of their faith and its transformative power.

Practical Wisdom for Life's Challenges

Within the pages of this remarkable book, readers are embraced by a wealth of practical guidance, each gem like a beacon of hope in the journey of life. Dr. Newton shares invaluable insights and advice for navigating life’s complexities and uncertainties with grace and resilience. Her wisdom serves as a guiding light, illuminating the path even in the darkest of hours.

Enhancing Well-being through Spiritual Activities

The journey within the book doesn’t end with guidance and reflection. Dr. Newton defines a range of Christian spiritual activities that have the potential to elevate well-being and strengthen one’s divine connection. Readers are encouraged to explore and incorporate these activities into their daily lives, leading to a richer, more spiritually fulfilling existence through prayer, worship, and fellowship.

Dr. Jite Newton’s leadership and unwavering connection with the Holy Spirit will serve as your guiding light in your odyssey of faith and spiritual growth. As you embark on this profound journey, may your heart be stirred, your faith ignited, and your path illuminated by the divine light of excellence. This is your opportunity to delve deep, to grow, and to emerge transformed, hand in hand with the Holy Spirit. Discover the path to excellence with Dr. Jite Newton as your trusted guide

Buy in Bulk and Multiply the Impact of 'Path to Excellence

Dive into ‘Path to Excellence,’ where personal growth meets global impact. A portion of book sales supports the ‘Hope of Joy Orphanage’ in Zambia, offering underprivileged children a brighter future. Your investment transcends wisdom; it’s a catalyst for real change.

We’re excited to share that proceeds will renovate the orphanage, ensuring a safer haven for these young souls. Your support shapes destinies and echoes beyond the pages. Join the journey; make a commitment to positive transformation. Together, let’s weave a legacy of hope, one impactful page at a time.


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Our Target Audience

Our book is designed for individuals who seek personal growth, motivation, and a roadmap to excellence. It speaks to anyone looking to overcome challenges and strive for their best in life, both personally and professionally.

Purpose and Impact:

Path to Excellence’ is a powerful tool for personal development. It’s used to inspire, educate, and motivate readers to achieve their goals, break through barriers, and lead a life filled with purpose and fulfillment

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Excerpts from the Book: 'Path to Excellence'

Dive into the transformative insights within ‘Path to Empowerment’ through these thought-provoking excerpts. Experience empowerment in every word, guiding you on a journey toward positive change.

Path to Excellence Book and Planner

Discover the ‘Path to Excellence Planner Manual,’ a comprehensive guide designed to accompany ‘Path to Excellence.’ This manual equips you with practical tools, exercises, and insights to help you navigate your journey of personal growth and success. It’s the perfect companion to turn the inspiration from the book into actionable steps, empowering you to achieve your goals, one day at a time.


Clarity and Direction

By defining your top priorities and setting daily goals, you’ll gain clarity on your path to excellence and find direction in your daily life.

Personal Growth

Engage in self-reflection, identify areas for growth, and establish positive habits that will fuel your personal development.

Release Information

Release Date: 18th November, 2023

Book Formats Available:

Paperback, Hardcover

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Frequently asked questions

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Dr. Newton’s personal faith journey and the transformative power of the Holy Spirit inspired her to share insights and guidance for those seeking excellence.
Yes, the book is designed to be inclusive, offering a universal approach to faith and spiritual growth that can resonate with individuals from diverse backgrounds.
This book combines spiritual wisdom, practical guidance, and personal anecdotes, creating a unique blend that guides readers on a 90-day journey toward excellence.
Absolutely! The book is suitable for group discussions, providing reflection questions at the end of each chapter to foster shared insights and perspectives.
The book offers practical exercises and reflections at the end of each chapter, encouraging readers to apply the lessons in real-life situations and incorporate them into their daily routines.
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