This project involves supporting the mission and goals of a religious organization by providing programs and services that promote spiritual growth, community building, and service to others. It may include providing educational resources, outreach programs, and opportunities for volunteerism and charitable giving, leveraging technology to support ministry programs and opportunities

Ministry Projects

Leadership Academy

An academy to Empower, Establish, Enlighten, Encourage and for enlargement for all women across the globe. Developing women in achieving their full potential and also for these women to develop others.

Women Sponsorship Programme

Empowering women through specialized programs fostering entrepreneurship and self-reliance. Offering skills in entrepreneurship, financial planning, tailoring funds to training. Access diverse Entrepreneurship Training for women regularly.

Youth Empowerment & Leadership

Laughing Women has long supported programs that offer young people opportunities to build their knowledge of the region and to become engaged in leadership development activities.


This program involves reaching out to all levels of women including widows, daughters, married, single and separated, divorce women to laugh out our troubles, bring down the presence and fire of God that will initiate a lifetime laughter.

Talk Show

This focuses on sharing testimonies of great miracles of what Jesus has done in our lives. The aim is to publish Laughing Women Champion stories, every 500 stories we receive will be published

Praise Challenge Events

Immerse in our event fostering global positivity through music and worship. Join us in crafting a world of transformative change, united by melodies that resonate hope and harmony.

Widows Community Outreach

This program is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of widows within our community. Our mission is to empower and support widows, providing them with the resources and community they need to thrive during challenging times.

Child Education Sponsorship

This program creates educational opportunities for vulnerable children in West Africa, starting in Nigeria, the world’s poorest country. Tobams Charity aims to support 20,000+ urban and rural children for quality education within 5 years.

Prayer Line

Join our weekly prayer line to collectively uplift our spirits to heaven. Let’s unite to invite the fire of God into our lives through the power of our voices guided by the Holy Spirit!

Feeding Programme

Committed to global impact, this program ensures daily meals for 100 people in need. Our simple yet profound mission brings relief and hope amid food insecurity, believing each meal provides a moment of solace.

Leadership Seminars

A seminar designed to promote and develop Leadership, providing extensive leadership training by offering substantive knowledge, thereby equipping women.


This focuses on heartfelt discussions on life’s journey, where we share the empowering message of faith to uplift and support individuals through every life event. Together, let’s find strength, guidance, and inspiration in the Word, fostering a community of encouragement and hope

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