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“If you cannot see where you’re going, ask someone who has been there”

-Jite Newton


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Mindfulness and Productivity: Strategies for Success

Jite Newton shares her insights on how practicing mindfulness can enhance productivity and lead to greater success in both personal and professional life.

Jite newton audio
Developing Your Emotional Intelligence: Key Skills for Leadership

In the realm of effective leadership, emotional intelligence stands as a beacon guiding the way to success. This is a comprehensive guide crafted to empower individuals on their journey toward leadership excellence.

Jite newton audio
Sustainability for Start-ups: Key Strategies for Success

In this audio clip, Jite Newton offers advice on how start-ups can integrate sustainability practices into their operations to drive growth and impact.

Jite newton audio
The Power of Purpose: Finding Meaning in Your Work

Jite Newton discusses how individuals can find purpose in their work and create a more fulfilling and satisfying career.

Jite newton audio
The Power of Empathy in Leadership

Jite Newton discusses how empathy can be a powerful tool for leaders to connect with their teams and create positive change

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